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What should I expect during an evaluation?
An evaluation usually consists of an interview and testing. During the interview the psychologist or clinician will review a lot of information that is important to understanding each individual's current situation. You will be asked about your symptoms, medical history, and other important areas. Testing involves taking computerized or pencil-and-paper tests and answering questions. The time required for evaluation depends on the problem being assessed and the individual. Generally, an evaluation takes several hours to complete. Some of the tests will be easy while others will be more complex and might be hard. The most important thing is that when you are being assessed you try your best to complete what you can. Remember to bring glasses or hearing aid if you use them. Try to get a good nights rest before your appointment and try to relax before the assessment. You are likely to find some of the tests interesting and the information that is gathered will directly relate to addressing your needs.

What gets assessed?
A typical evaluation will assess the following areas:

  1. General intellect
  2. Higher level executive skills (i.e. sequencing, reasoning, problem solving)
  3. Attention and Concentration
  4. Learning and memory
  5. Language skills
  6. Visual-spatial skills (perception)
  7. Motor and sensory skills
  8. Mood and Personality

*Depending on your needs, some abilities might be measured in more detail than others.

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